Summer School Party

The last day of school is this week, so today, I was invited to a pizza and ice cream party at Nicholas’s school.  When I got there and located Nicholas in a sea of other kids and parents, he was THRILLED to see me.  He wanted me to immediately come and sit with him – and share some of his pizza.  While we were sitting there, Nicholas was pointing out all kinds of things on the wall – Pluto, Mickey, his cubby – it was so amazing to see how aware he was in the classroom.  I pointed to the other kids around the table asking him, “who’s that?” “who’s he” – and he answered me each and every time!  I was so proud.

After he was done eating, it was circle time and all of the kids got up to sing songs and take turns singing into the microphone.  Twice, Nicholas pulled me into circle time to sit with him.  He really enjoyed it and loved clapping with his classmates.  He was very well behaved and was so proud that Mommy was in his classroom.  and the biggest thing… he was THERE, he was present and he was enjoying himself immensely.

I decided to take Nicholas home with me since it was almost time for the bus to leave- and he proudly walked out with me, passed all the school buses (and did not once go to try to get on one, which is really pretty amazing all on it’s own.)

Summer session begins on July 1st, so he has a little over a week’s break in between – but from mid-October through mid-July – the changes in him are unbelievable.  Even the differences in him in his class from Valentines day to today – are mind-blowing.  I couldn’t have been more proud of my little man.

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