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Just wanted to post another update on Nicholas before we start Round 4 later today. He is doing amazing! By the time Sunday rolls around and we’re into the current round, the differences in him are completely undeniable. He just wants to have fun and do things with us. He wants to play with us. He talks up a storm. Percy and Thomas talk to each other. He wants us to play Percy to his Thomas and he wants us to make Percy talk to Thomas.

He is practically running out to the school bus every day. And his bright beaming smile is shining when he pulls up to the house. The ladies on the bus are loving him, it is so obvious they just enjoy him so much.

The gate between the dining room and kitchen is finally coming down – he can get right through it quite easily and he’s now listening when we tell him to get out of the kitchen, so it’s coming down!

The past couple of days, Nicholas has not been wanting to drink his supplement mixture. So back to the drawing board I have gone, yet again, to figure out ways to get all of this into him. So, I broke the majority of his stuff down into 2 servings, one for the morning (which I can get into him before he wakes up believe it or not) and the second at night for him to drink while he is in the hbot chamber. So, last night, he was in the chamber with grandma and decided not to drink more than 1/2 of his special juice. So, when he got out, he wanted something to drink. I told him he could have anything he wanted AFTER he was done with his juice. He proceeds to pick up his geotrax catalog and points to a train he wants. I told him that if he drinks his juice, we would go to the store and buy the train. After a few rounds of him saying “go to store and buy train mommy” and me saying, “yes, only after you drink your juice” – he gobbled that juice down so fast my head spun! I am still so blown away that he understood exactly what I was saying and he DID it. (Crap, this is going to be expensive! Off to Toys R Us I go to find that particular train – because Nicholas knows what trains he has and which ones he is missing and there’s no fooling him. So, if you see me on my tour of toy stores today, be sure to say hello! 🙂 )

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  1. debinIL says:

    Your rewards system has to shrink before you’re in the poor-house. 🙂
    Nate is almost 4 and he got a haircut last night. This morning he was telling me he got his haircut last night at “Sports Clip” (sic). He also recounted the story of the ice cream-eating contest at big brother Jake’s school last night. “They ate it and then wiped their mouth”. He then pretends to wipe his mouth.
    He was never vaccinated. I’m calling him “milk-injured” because his symptoms started after all the milk-yogurt-ice cream my daycare lady gave him for months. He’s healing with diet (GFCF no dyes/preservatives), digestive enzymes, vitamins, omega (and lots of supplements), Mb-12 shots and naltrexalone cream. He’s peeing without problems, but poo is hit-and-miss. I’m thankful I found a pediatrician who was OK with me deciding to not vaccinate him. I’d be in the poorhouse right now paying for even more treatment to recover him, not to mention losing all this precious time with him in a fog.
    The blessing in disguise here is with all the affected kids brings awareness to an army of determined parents. We have this wonderful tool, the internet, to share our stories and know that we’re not alone in this awful war. Mother Warriors is a perfect title for Jenny’s book. We are in a war, and I’m not going down.

    Hang in there, sister. You are seeing the fruits of your efforts. Capture it on video – your son may not believe or remember the days of his fog when he’s older. Won’t that be a nice day when you can remind him of the journey to wellness.

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