Trying capryllic acid for yeast

We’re a few days off of nizoral and I think yeast is starting to once again rear it’s ugly head. So, I just gave Nicholas some capryllic acid, so we’ll see if that works. It seems like we are always fighting yeast in this house.

Updated 11/07/08 – yesterday I’ve been trying Kirkman’s Yeast Aid to see if that’ll help with the yeast. It has capryllic acid in it. We’ll see…. (dose: 1/8th teaspoon 3x per day)

Updated 11/08/08 – dose 1/4th teaspoon 3x per day – no die off yet. Even with GSE, Oregon grape extract and candidase/candex and 10mg biotin 3x per day – geez, what does it take??????

Updated 11/09/08 – Dose 1/2 teaspoon 2x per day. Increased GSE. Removed Oregaon Grape. Giving 2 candidase & 1 candex twice a day. Here’s to hoping…

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2 Responses to “Trying capryllic acid for yeast”

  1. debinIL says:

    Personally, I have the yeast problem. I knock it down and then I have a little bit of carbs and it raises it’s ugly head again.
    I’m going to a dentist who specializes in removing the metal in my mouth. I’ll go on the no-carb high-caprylic acid kirkman’s yeast stuff when the metal’s removed to see if I can conquer this awful beast.

  2. Mom says:

    I have plans to remove mine too. What we go through right??

    I actually added in some yeast aid (boy that smells horrible) twice tonight – just 1/8th teaspoon each time, so we’ll see if it works. The caprillic acid I had was a huge dose – thank goodness I only have him a quarter of the cap – I might have had some major die off on my hands.

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