Mercury Poisoning is not new…. A must see

Part of this is in another language, but stick with it – very interesting and sickening. This was from the 1970’s.

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2 Responses to “Mercury Poisoning is not new…. A must see”

  1. debinIL says:

    Jeremy Piven is taking a break from acting because of all the raw fish he’s been eating. Although it via a different route, at least it’s bringing attention to the issue.
    And there’s a huge spill in TN of coal ash:
    I wonder how much lying is being done by “officials” right now.

  2. Mom says:

    I saw that – amazing isn’t it? Let’s not forget Lisa Marie Presley’s mercury issue years ago.
    You know what I don’t get….. how far do these “officials” think their pay-off money is going to get them? their children? their grandchildren? This is all going to bite them in the rear in the end anyway.

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