Nicholas is again saying more things we’ve never heard before — and is getting to be quite conversational. We’re not there yet, but I can hold a back and forth with him and actually get real answers.

Last night, we went for a ride in the car — he said, “mommy, where are we going?” to the store Nicholas “Yay!” — grandma and I cracked up –I had never, ever heard him say yay!

I sneezed last Wednesday when Nicholas was downstairs with his therapist. I hear him clear as day ask her “what was that sound?” mommy sneezed “oh, bless you mommy” When he hears an unfamiliar noise now, he’s asking what that sound was. Before this past week, I had NEVER heard him respond to a noise like this. He’s said bless you before to people who have sneezed, but the noise thing — Just another example of him coming back into our world. Yay!

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2 Responses to “Yay!”

  1. maya says:

    This is a big hope for starters like us who are discouraged often!
    Way to go Nicholas !!!!

  2. maya says:

    Each week is better than the next week…isnt it? Cant wait to hear what Nicholas is up to next week ! And cant wait for the day when you will change the website name to recoverednicholas.com

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