Swallowing Capsules

Yesterday, I attempted to get Nicholas to take a gelcap – and he DID!! I decided to try with these tiny Oil of Oregano gepcaps – smallest ones I could find. I went first and showed him step by step and then asked him to try it. (promising him a trip to the store, of course) – and he tried. He had a little trouble, but he did it – and with much less coercion than I imagined.

So, we just tried it again today – and he did it again!

I so hope this is a trend. Life would be so much easier if I could get him to swallow capsules.

Added 5/21/09 – he’s still doing it. Thank goodness. I pray that I can soon work up to the little capsules and go from there.
Added 5/28/09 – still doing it! We haven’t missed a day yet. Huge. This is just huge for him.

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