High Dose Vitamin A Protocol – 2nd Round

This week, we did the 2nd Round of the High Dose Vitamin A Protocol. On both Wednesday and Thursday, Nicholas took 400,000 IU of Klaire’s Micellized Vitamin A on each day. We did this approximately 6 month ago and have been giving him 25,000 – 30,000IU of it a day in between.

Friday morning, Nicholas seemed to wake up with a fever, but I thought it was because he was sleeping under a big, heavy, warm blanket – upon him getting out from underneath the blanket, he cooled down quickly. Later that evening, his fever came back and a croupy sounding cough started. He woke up in the middle of the night (when I had to give him something for his cough) – and the eye contact was like nothing we have ever seen before with him. His eye contact has gotten so much better, but this was just unbelievable. He was so “on” – and despite the fever and cough, you would have never known he wasn’t feeling well. Even with his congestion and labored breathing – he was still not showing any signs of being sick at all – no crankiness, etc.

Friday night, I kept him in bed with me, just to make sure he didn’t cough himself into throwing up in his sleep — and at one point, he turned to me and said, “Mommy, you’re my best friend. I love you” – I have never heard him use the term best friend and we’re not even sure where he may have gotten it from. He kept handing me the blanket and even gave me his special blanket so I would be warm – it was so sweet.

But, whatever it was is gone now, fever is gone – and he’s doing really well. So glad I did a 2nd round of this. My plan is to keep going with the daily maintenance dose of 25,000IU and repeat in another 6 months. It’s definately doing something!

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