Autism Speaks Annual Report

Before you put on your walking shoes, let’s take a look at Autistm Speaks Annual Report, shall we? Make sure you open the link, so you can read along with me, okay? Thanks.

Click on the 990 pdf from 2008. Here’s a direct link:

Reported Salaries:
Mark Roithmayr: $400,413.00
Peter Bell: $265,981.00
Geri Dawson: $669,751.00 (plus her HUGE relocation package)
Alison Singer: $201.942.00
Glen Tringali: $255,256.00
The list goes on and on…..

Credit card fees and bank charges: $989,344.00 (Yes folks, almost ONE MILLION DOLLARS in CREDIT CARD FEES and BANK CHARGES)

Office Expenses: $3,902,682.00 – yes, they spent almost FOUR MILLION DOLLARS on office expenses. And over a million dollars on rent on their swanky office digs at 2 Park Avenue in New York, NY.

Geri Dawson’s Relocation cost: $269,721.00 (page 55) – Almost THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for her to relocate?

These are merely a few of the expenditures that truly made me sick to my stomach.

If you want to walk or donate, do it for a cause which will actually help children with autism – here are a few suggestions:
NVIC’s Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Study:
Generation Rescue:

Autism: The New Gold Rush from Schmuck Roaster on Vimeo.

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