Age of Autism: Dr. Paul Offit, The Autism Expert. Doesn’t See Patients with Autism?

Dr. Paul Offit, The Autism Expert. Doesn’t See Patients with Autism?

By J.B. Handley

Paul Offit wrote a book, Autism’s False Prophets, with the overt goal of repudiating the biomedical treatment movement for autism. Of course, the real goal of the book, and how it’s being used today, is to convince parents to keep on vaccinating.

As an inventor of the Rotateq (HERE) vaccine, a man who voted his own vaccine (HERE) onto the childhood schedule, and a multi-millionaire after his vaccine was sold to Merck, Offit has plenty of time on his hands to protect his legacy and the legacy of his peers.

The AAP has done a great job of getting Offit’s book out to their pediatric base, many of whom give the book to parents when they express concerns about vaccination. I have personal friends who have come home from their doctor with a copy of his book in hand.

The book is filled with factual errors and/or completely made-up information about a wide variety of our community’s most important players, including Dr. Andrew Wakefield, David Kirby, RFK JR., and Jenny McCarthy, to name just a few.

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