Taurine Enhances the Function of Insulin

Taurine Enhances the Function of Insulin
January 29, 2010 – Byron Richards, CCN

Science now shows that the amino acid taurine is a helpful tool in supporting the production of insulin and insulin sensitivity – two major issues for any person seeking solutions for blood sugar issues. Generally taurine is thought of as a relaxing nutrient due to its function within your nervous system. It is also a general tonic to your heart.

In an animal model that allows for detailed analysis of the effects of taurine supplementation it was shown that tuarine helped the pancreas produce insulin, improved the expression of genes needed for the metabolism of ingested glucose, and helped insulin receptors in muscles and the liver work better. This is a profound array of support for improved blood sugar metabolism.

Add taurine to the list of nutrients capable of helping individuals with healthier blood sugar metabolism.

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