8.5 year old, His first 6 weeks with Pierre Fontaine

Yesterday, my friend, OH, shared this message about her son who is seeing Pierre Fontaine. Thank you for sharing this with everyone! I am excited to hear about what the future holds for your son!!

So, I had our 1st 6 week follow up with Pierre on March 30th. My son is 8.5, high functioning. He has very choppy expressive language and is in general ed class in school with an aide. School “diagnosed” him with expressive language disorder and they don’t suspect ASD at all. My son holds it together very good in school but at home, the autism signs come out.

Since starting the remedy, these are incredible and new things we see in him:
1. sleeps through the night without any melatonin or benadryl, very peaceful
2. Stopped having awfull meltdowns where he would loose it and lock himself in the room for hours
3. He wants to get married some day and have babies
4. Huge emotional break throughs (ex: wants to move all the homeless people from Japan and their animals to our house and give them all his clothes and toys. cried about earthquake victims for days).
?5 . Incredible phisical gains, does sommersaults forward and backward 1st time in his life. Used to be very week in his abdominal area.
6. Vision improving, takes his glasses off all the time.
7. Abstract thinking developing, builds odd things like human bicep out of many tinker toys
8. Started dancing and listening to music.
9. Was in his class school play and had 21 word part in it.
10. understands some jokes. Overall cognition improved a lot.

So I think Pierre performed a total miracle here. He was very happy with the results and told me to continue with the remedy.

On the down side, Alex developed 3 strep throats in the last 2 months and Pandas symptoms along with it. Pierre said to use his remedy to treat strep and didn’t give us an acute remedy. Since I know nothing of homeopathy so far, I just obey the master:) Have to say, he is an extraordinary man, we are so fortunate to be his patients ?

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