Great year end gifts for teachers, therapists, etc…..

The puzzle piece key chain and necklaces would make a great year end gift for your child’s teachers, therapists, bus drivers, etc.

(Purchase instructions below..)

Alex only needs 8 more purchased to win his iPad challenge with

Alex is 8 years old, is non-verbal – or I should say pre-verbal . This family has had many struggles including almost losing their home. They have tried so many things and not much has helped this little boy begin to speak. They are losing hope in ever hearing their son speak. It is my hope that with an iPad, they can begin to communicate with their son on a level they have yet been able to. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll help break down that barrier that’s preventing him from being able to talk. They have done SCD, GFCF, etc, IV chelation, supplements and have worked with two of the biggest DAN doctors. Alex has made progress, but has not progressed to the point of being able to speak. We’re hoping that having an iPad will open some new windows for him.

The iPad is a great way for pre-verbal children with Autism to learn to communicate and has many benefits. When children can communicate, tantrums and frustration are reduced, which for any child who is suffering from autism, this is a huge plus.
Please go to this link ( and scroll down, purchase either the $20 necklace or keychain and write “recovering nicholas” in the box which reads “Challenger’s Name”.

If you can share this post with your friends, post it on your facebook pages and even twitter the link, I would really appreciate it!!

Thank you very much for helping him!!

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