ONE HEART, ONE MIND BY PIERRE FONTAINE – Case 1 – Nicholas’s Fifth Follow Up

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For those of you who have been following along with me while I share Nicholas’s homeopathy journey through Pierre Fontaine’s Case Study, here is what you missed so far. The next post is below.

My initial appointment with Pierre Fontaine
My First Follow Up with Pierre Fontaine
My Second Follow Up With Pierre Fontaine
My Third Follow Up With Pierre Fontaine
My Fourth Follow Up with Pierre Fontaine

Here are the details on my 5th follow up with Pierre.

One Heart,
One Mind

Pierre Fontaine, CCH

The Case for Healing Autism

28 January 2011

I started drop dosing once every couple of days rather than sip dosing as it
seems to trigger some vomiting at 1AM and then again at 4AM. If I hear
him cough a couple of times I go to his bedroom because he pukes but it
does not wake him up.

When he starts to have strange behaviors I give two drops of Cinchona 30C
and the self talk stops within a couple of minutes. That is PANDAS.
I am wondering if Strep is the root of all this or if autism is sitting on top of

We can see here that dosing ought to go with the Vital Force and that
too much can be counter-productive. She backed off; it was a wise
decision. Autism is not PANDAS but it often is concomitant. Ideally, I
would love to have one remedy cover both conditions, when one remedy
does not do it all, then as with the allergies earlier in the case, I give a
remedy that fits the acute episode.

GRANITUM 30C and Cinchona when PANDAS flares.

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