ONE HEART, ONE MIND BY PIERRE FONTAINE – Case 1 – Nicholas’s Eleventh Follow Up

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For those of you who have been following along with me while I share Nicholas’s homeopathy journey through Pierre Fontaine’s Case Study, here is what you missed so far. The next post is below.

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Here are the details on my 11th follow up with Pierre.

One Heart,
One Mind

Pierre Fontaine, CCH

The Case for Healing Autism

08 May 2012

I bought and gave the MMR nosode 1M for the self-talk. It seems to keep it
at bay.

We all have a cough, not constant but a little tickle until one can get rid of a
little phlegm. The cough is a little to the side of the neck actually on top of
the shoulder.

This mom likes to go her own way. She is getting remedies herself and
blazing her own trail. This is fine though really borderline. She has done
her homework on homeopathy and loves what it has done for her child.
She wants to push the envelope. I can only relate; it is that spirit that
kept me going through failures.

This case was taken quite a few years ago; I had fewer guidelines and
fewer answers than I do now. Giving the MMR nosode is called
isopathic. This is a way of thinking that has a lot of resonance with
people but is generally not effective. People understand isopathic much
more readily than homeopathy. People give the MMR nosode remedy
because of what they think is MMR vaccine injury, or DPT when the
perception is that the DPT vaccine hurt the child, and so goes the
theory; it is simple enough. This is one of the very few cases when such a
remedy did anything at all. Though I would love for isopathy to be
really effective, I really don’t suggest doing it as it generally leads to
great amount of wasted time. I hear from people who do this isopathy.
“Something is happening, he has a rash, the toxins must be coming out.”
Let’s not forget that when “something is happening” it does not
necessarily mean something good is happening. What in the world is
“coming out”? Is autism going to come out a detox? Today, I think a
very small fraction of ASD cases can be helped with these isopathic
remedies yet many people still flock to the so-called practitioner who
promised them an easy answer to this extremely convoluted problem
that is autism.


My comments on Pierre’s comments about this follow up:
Pierre’s comments are spot-on. It’s very easy when you’re in the mix of things to want better results as quickly as possible and to push push push for more more more – but you could in turn delay the body’s healing process or cause more problems in the long run. There were others around me that were following this approach and with being so desperate to see the end, I got swept up in it as well. When you hear someone say that a negative effect is actually a positive, you just want to grab on and believe that what they are telling you is the correct thing. Homeopathy isn’t isopathy, no matter how much we’d like it to be because that’s what we can dig our teeth into.

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