McCain & Obama: What are you going to do about CODEX Alimentarius?

And how are you going to protect our freedom to healthy food, vitamins & minerals, herbs, etc?

Our kids will suffer needlessly should their nutritional supplements get taken away by the laws intended to be imposed by Codex Alimentarius. Kids not yet diagnosed with autism-like symptoms due to heavy meatal poisoning will not be able to recover if the supplements required for their recovery are taken away.

Fact is, more people die every year due to pharmaceutical drugs than nutritional supplements. And yet, big pharma just doesn’t have enough money rolling in. So let’s take the vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. away and pump everyone full of drugs instead. Let’s irradiate the food supply so people will get sicker, faster – and won’t have any of the benefits of fresh, healthy foods to help their body thrive or stay healthy.

Folks, when does this start to sound like a conspiracy? Why is it that big pharma can rid the world of their competition? Why is it that they are not after truly helping people and that their main focus is the bottom line?

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