Current update on Nicholas

I am currently working on an update on Nicholas, but just wanted to add a quick post to clear up some misconceptions about my son’s recovery.

1. He is NOT on a diet. He eats whatever he wants with no adverse effects.
2. He is NOT on any supplements. He is NOT on any medication. None. Zip. Zero. Zilch. We’ve been so busy living life this summer that I have consistently fogotten to give him his Juice+ multi vitamin or his omega 369. (No special ASD multi with high doses either!)
3. We were 3+ months into homeopathy when I first posted about our gains. They did not happen overnight, nor did they happen with the first dose. But they did happen quicker than any other biomedical intervention we ever did and that includes Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol. My husband and myself are also being treated by the same homeopath who is treating our son. Health issues we used to have are either already gone or are fading away. I’ve never chelated myself, nor has my husband. We couldn’t afford to take supplements we knew could help us with our issues because the bill for Nicholas’s was so huge that we didn’t dare add anymore to it.

Classical Homeopathy does not address symptoms – that’s more of a sequential homeopathy approach. If you are interested in learning about homeopathy, I highly suggest Amy Lansky’s book, Impossible Cure. It will give you a better understanding of homeopathy in relation to autism. I also suggest listening to the interview that I did with Pierre Fontaine – you can find the link on this blog.

If you have any questions about my son, I’m happy to answer them. I am working on a more complete update and should have it posted soon. I am happy to report, his healing has continued to amaze us. We no longer see any autism. ASD parents who have met him do not see any autism and they’ve looked really hard to see it – as have we. We will be scheduling an evaluation to have his diagnosis removed when things slow down a bit around here. We are finally living the life we were always meant to… a life without autism. I wish nothing but the same for all of you! Keep the hope!

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  1. becmar says:


    Just want to say.. I just stumbled upon your website a few days ago, my mind is full and my eyes are tired. Thank you for sharing all this information. I am so encourged about your son’s story especially with homeopathy. We have been doing classical homeopathy for over a year now, and I have been feeling so impatient with it, not sure what to do next. we are not doing any biomed yet, not sure if we need to go down that way. Can I ask, when did you start with supplements with your son before homeopathy? thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Mom says:

    Hi! You are so welcome. We did biomed (supplements) for about 3 years before adding (well changing to) homeopathy. Have you seen any changes or gains during the past year?

  3. becmar says:

    Hi, I have seen some gains, very subtle though. My daughter was diagnosed mod – severe, we started classical homeopathy after she turned 2, she is now 3.5yrs, coming out with some unclear words. Been with the same homeopath for 1.5yrs now, just haven’t hit the right remedy, her consitutional one, the homeopath mentioned we are going through layers, but I wonder how many, got lots of polychrest remedies probably need something deeper. I want to stay with it, but wondering if I should look into biomed now. Have been doing diet and sonrise for 6 months now. what are your thoughts? thanks

  4. VelmaRodrigues says:

    Hi there! Thanks for posting as much as you did about all the progress that you’ve experienced with homeopathy. I had a question…..when you were 1st given Nicholas’ Constitutional Remedy, were you still giving him the same supplements? And once you seen changes, you decided to back off the supps? There was no interference while giving both at the same time (remedy & supps)? Thanks again!

  5. mom2007 says:

    Hello Michelle,
    Hope you, Nicholas and your family are continuing to have a great summer! Thank you for your posts and updates… it sure provides a great testimonials to other parents!
    Michelle, could you please update on what exact gains you have seen in Nicholas with homeopathy? Where he was prior to homeopathy, when he was on chelation and bio-med and how his progressed in terms of aquiring various skills and other positive changes?
    I’m sure everyone’s journey will be different as every child is in a different state. However, learning exacts will help a mom like me to visualize what it will mean for my child.

    Thank you!! and lots of best wishes,

  6. Mom says:

    Hi Velma,
    Yes, when I first gave him his constitutional remedy, he was on all supplements. What happened was, he got sick shortly thereafter and I wasn’t able to get his supplements into him at all – and I saw no backslide. 4 days turned into 7. 7 days turned into 10 and I was in amazement as any other time he had been without for more than a few days, he would inevitably regress. This time, I got past the 2 week mark with him being fine with no supplements. Then, I added back what I considered truly essential to see if I could bring him back to where he was without everything else. It worked. I waited a little while, then started slowly reducing doses until each supplement was down to nothing. It;s been quite some time now and he’s still doing fine.
    No, there seemed to be no interference with giving the remedy and supplements at the same time.

  7. dmuiter says:

    Hello and thank you so much for your blog:) I listened to the interview you did with P. Fontaine and am sooo interested in this. I have a 4 yr old son with PDD and have been doing biomed for 2 yrs now. He has made good progress, and I was just about to start AC chelation- but using TD DMSA. My son is very orally defensive and its the only way I could start. Now Im wondering if I should still start the AC chelation, if I intend on pursuing an appt with P. Fontaine?? I believe we would need to wait 6 months to see him.. so perhaps start with the TD chelation while waiting for the appt? Could it hurt? Id love your opinion. I am MOST excited about how you say your son was very ‘yeasty’ and now doesnt need to be on Diflucan anymore. My son is a gut/yeast kid and very picky eater.
    thanks again! denise

  8. Wendy says:

    Love that last bit about living the life you were meant to. Best thing I have heard in a while!! Here’s to hoping to follow in your footsteps! Can’t wait to read your next update!!!!

  9. Mom says:

    Thanks Wendy! I can’t wait to start hearing about your success with homeopathy!

  10. kbelmquist says:

    New fan here. Just stopping in to say hi and congratulations on all your much deserved success!! HUGS!! Karen

  11. Mom says:

    Thanks Karen!

  12. VelmaRodrigues says:

    Well I have to tell you that I’ve taken my son off of 17 supplements and I was really expecting to see all these negative behaviors – and NOTHING negative happened. Fontaine is next on my list. I know he’s booking pretty far out so I should get a jump on it now! Thanks again and so very happy for you and Nicholas! Truly amazing!

  13. Mom says:

    Velma – that is awesome! I am so happy to hear that! Did you make an appt with Pierre??

  14. recoveredson says:

    I just ran across your blog today. How did I even get here? I have no idea. Anyhow, just wanted to share with you that our son, Andrew, is recovered from Autism. We began using biomed treatments as well as homeopathic treatments at the same time when he was 3. We focused primarily on homeopathy, never went down the road of chelation or hyperbarrics, and stuck with non-pharmaceutical biomed treatments with the exception of the b-12 injections. Our son is now officially diagnosed as ‘recovered from autism’!!! He’s a happy, healthy 5 year old who loves kindergarten, sports, playdates and art – the boy God made him to be. The road has not been easy but SO, SO worth every trial to have our little guy back from the abyss of Autism! To all you other parents out there who are still in the thick of it, hang in there and don’t lose hope for even one second. Congratulations to Nicholas and his family on also realizing the dream of recovery, and thank you for sharing the information with other families.

  15. Mom says:

    Thank you and Congratulations to you as well!! I love hearing other stories of recovered children! Enjoy what life has to offer!

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