If you are GFCFSF, have you heard about NuLife Foods?

I was recently asked if I would try a sample of some of NuLife Foods. As a person who loves to eat, I was impressed with the food considering it was free of gluten, casein and soy. Here’s my and Nicholas’s take on the foods we tried:

The chicken nuggets were just about the best chicken nuggets I think I ever had. Juicy and delicious! I am so glad I kept one off of Nicholas’s plate because he ran and hid with them when I asked him if I could have one. (I guess the answer was no!)

The chocolate chip cookies were equally delicious. We ate them right out of the oven. I could not tell that these were GFCFSF at all. And I like my cookies and desert!

The meatballs were also delicious. I made these when Grandma came over, so the three of us split them. Moist and juicy – loved the taste of these. I didn’t pour sauce all over them so we could taste the actual taste of the meatball and we just loved them.

The french toast was tasty. I must admit, bread – good bread, is one of my favorite foods, so I’ve made french toast with some great bread. I have tried several GF breads and I have never been able to get myself past the thought of ever losing real my beloved bread. But if I was GF, these would be a welcome addition to my freezer.

The cheese pizza was also tasty. My oven did not crisp the crust – and I should have just thrown it back into the oven without a pan to make it crispy. The daiya cheese on it was really good – that was the first time I had it. My only thought is that the pizzas needed more cheese, but they were good. For a child that cannot have a quickie pizza because they’re all loaded with ingredients they cannot eat, this is a fantastic alternative.

I still have to sample the chicken burgers and will post an update to this thread when I do – but the food was great and I highly recommend you try NuLife’s products if you or your child is GFCFSF.

If you place an order, use code NICHOLASBLOG10 for 10% off your first order!

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