Homeopathy Recovery in Progress: “I feel happy”

This is from my friend, D. Thanks for letting me post this update about your son’s progress with homeopathy! I look forward to hearing more about his progress in the future!!

My Asperger son is normally an inflexible, anxious, and generally unhappy child. Before starting his remedy, he had most recently talked about dying when he turned 7 years old. He has been on a gfcf diet for 3 years and has done about 40 rounds of Cutler chelation. But, since starting his remedy about 2 months ago, he has been a happier, less anxious, more connected, and more flexible child — more and more like a typical 6 year old. He actually said to my husband a few weeks ago, “Daddy, I feel happy.” He has never commented on his state of being like that before. We are starting to see him do playful, spontaneous things that a normal 6-year-old does, and we’re caught off guard by it when it happens. When I asked him recently to change into his pajamas, he came out of the bathroom with his underwear on his head while laughing to surprise me. Previously, he would have been in his own world and needed 4 prompts just to change into his pajamas. In the past, we felt like he was on a sure path to depression; we don’t feel like that anymore. Just like so many of us parents *knew* there was something amiss with our children — despite our doctors saying otherwise — I just know that homeopathy is doing something to heal my son right now.

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