Benjamin’s Homeopathy Recovery…

Thanks to my friend, J, for sharing her son’s story. They started with Pierre Fontaine in July of 2010.

Congratulations Benjamin! This is amazing – I am so happy for you – for all of you!!

Update on Benjamin!!
He has been doing amazingly well! We are totally not doing our diet anymore now…I introduced yogurt again these past two weeks after being dairy free for two years with no reactions, rashes, or tummy problems!!! I had fun this past weekend picking organic yogurt tubes and greek kids cups for him! Cant wait to give it to him for lunch tomorrow! We are always going to try to keep his diet clean as in no food coloring or preservatives which I think is good for anyone. But, it is nice to know that every now and then if we are out at a game or event that he can have that cookie the other soccer mom made and is trying to give to him!! he loves it! We had to homeschool this year due to behavior problems last year at our school. He finished kindergarten last year not being able to read, write, or do math. He was reading the first month of homeschooling. Sounding out the words and doing worksheets for me. Reading stories outloud to me from our readers.Doing math…alone by the way because “Mommy, I have to focus.” I was told by the school that he would never read or write or be successful without being in a public school with a special ed teacher. I am going to be honest and say that I was terrified to homeschool him. But, homeopathy brought out huge huge changes in my son. He has soared. We have cried with the happiness only a parent of a child who has been told they CANT can feel when they DO. I know without a doubt that this is why my son can focus and do the work…he is clear headed, sweet, funny, smart, and we are getting to know him more and more every day. I took a leap of faith when I called Pierre….I was not sure..worried it would be yet another thing we tried that may have helped a little but not getting us where we wanted which was RECOVERY!!! that is what we all want. I feel very very fortunate to know Pierre and all of the wonderful moms and dads I have met during this process. I would not change a single thing. Who know where we will be next year. Last year at this time…I was a broken person. Desparing over what was going to happen to my son…being told this was who he was and was always going to be…I almost believed them. I almost let go of that small voice telling me they were wrong…he could do it. There was a way. Listen to that voice. I did and I got my son back. So we keep moving forward. I spent many sleepless nights looking for hope during my deepest darkest times and that is all i am trying to do…Give hope to anyone out there wondering….

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