Living life… autism-free!!

Thank you all for the emails inquiring about Nicholas. We’re all doing great and continue to be ecstatic with his progress with homeopathy! Autism took away so much of our lives for too long, as I am sure you can imagine… whether it’s one day or three years, it’s all too long when you are dealing with the type of autism we were. We’re now focusing on living each day to the fullest. We know we can’t get that time back, but we sure have one daily goal in mind – and that’s to enjoy every second we can with our son. And we do, every single day. Every day I appreciate the progress. Every day I appreciate the mere fact that he can now speak to me. Every day I appreciate his beautiful smile and his happiness. Every. Single. Day.

Every day I’m thankful that his autism is gone. Every. Single. Day.

A conversation with a friend the other day had me thinking… what if he had recovered overnight? Would we still appreciate the progress in the same way that we do? Sadly, probably not. The biomedical path was brutal. Progress came and for that I am grateful. But it was slow. And never ending. The supplement bill only increased as time went on. He would do great for a while, only to regress leading me to hours, no, days researching to figure out what happened and what I needed to do to get him back. We all do what we have to do for our kids, but I won’t lie – I was SICK OF IT. Sick of giving my son supplements several times a day. Sick of getting up every 3-4 hours all weekend long to chelate him. Sick of never having a dime to my name because our supplement bill was more than most people’s mortgages are. Sick of the never ending cycle. Something had to give.

For us, classical homeopathy was the answer. We’ve seen healing with homeopathy that just wasn’t happening with biomed. It has taken time, but when I look back on the past year and a half or so, it’s mind blowing. Years of biomed did not give us this progress. I can stop giving my son his remedy and I DON’T lose him, he doesn’t disappear before our eyes. Homeopathy surprised us in so many ways – we have seen gains we never knew we wanted, but once we saw them come, we were in awe. It’s hard to wait for a particular issue to resolve and it’s easy to get frustrated when you see that issue not changing over time as you would like – but what’s important is to look for things that have changed and know that the issue you’re focusing on is going to change… it’s just a matter of time. Patience is the key with homeopathy – and I’m glad I remained patient. In the beginning, I was frustrated – what I was seeing wasn’t what I wanted to see. But I kept the faith and the progress kept on coming. And even now, it’s still coming.

And as much as Nicholas needed homeopathy, we needed it too. It put our family back together. It gave us back our lives. I now realized that I was in fact in an ill state myself – autism had consumed me – every waking moment, it was about finding the next thing to help my son. And I don’t regret it – not at all. But I lost me somewhere along the way. And my husband lost me too. We were living in the same house, but we weren’t a family – there was no cohesiveness. We were just plugging away towards the goal of recovery – all while life was passing us by – time that you just cannot get back. The more we started to change, the more he started to change. The better my husband and I felt, mentally, physically, the more Nicholas progressed. There is a very big component in homeopathy to the energies that surround us, I truly believe that – and if anyone out there reading this is struggling, I highly suggest you see a homeopath for your own case as well as your child’s. If you’re not at your best, your child is picking up on this. If there is turmoil in your life, your home, your child knows this – they are in there – they are absorbing everything around them! You just can’t be a Debbie-downer and expect your child to thrive, you just can’t. If you live your life with constant negativity, your child is living that life with you. Do what you have to do to help yourself – then focus on your child – you’ll get farther faster – and I bet you’ll enjoy some precious moments of your life along the way. Energy doesn’t just come in the form of a little white pellet. Your energy can very much effect your child. Just think about how you feel after being around someone whose down and depressing – you feel drained, right? Just imagine how your child feels being around someone who is pulling them down every second of every day. Not so good, right?

I look back at the last 4-5 months and it seems like we’ve been living in a dream. We had a very active summer filled with all kinds of activities, many of which Nicholas had never done before. We visited places he had never been. He made friends everywhere we went. We reunited with family who never knew he was ever diagnosed with autism – and will never have to now.

A couple of days ago, I was backing up some files on my computer and I came across a video from around the time when I first started homeopathy. (I’m so bad with videos, I take them, but never watch them again.) I watched that video and wondered who that child was. I’ve watched it 10 times since. It’s astounding to me how different he is. If you had told me back then how different he would be today, I would have thought you were crazy.

I’m so thankful for every second that I get to spend with this little boy. He’s such an amazing human being and I am just so impressed by his strength to have gone through everything he has. And he’s happy – always. He’s always smiling and cheerful and positive. Just hanging with him on the couch watching a movie is an absolute privilege. And it’s gonna kill me the day he doesn’t want to hang with mom anymore. So I’m soaking up every minute I can while I can.

Keep the faith… recovery is possible. But don’t forget to enjoy your child along the way.

And to those of you who helped me along the way, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve made a few really great true friends along the way and I truly cherish you, your children and our relationships. Thank you. Love you.

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4 Responses to “Living life… autism-free!!”

  1. elijahsmama says:

    I was so inspired by this website we have decided to try homeopathy again as we have been to two different ones in the past with no luck. I have made an appt with Pierre for May. We are the parents of a seven year old almost totally non-verbal little boy. We are beating our head up against a wall with therapies that are not significantly impacting him. Thank-you for any additional information on this website my email is < > if you wish to contact me. Thanks so much.

  2. Mom says:

    I’m glad to hear that you decided to try it again. Homeopathy works, so don’t give up on it based on a provider – my advice is to always try someone new.

    Also, keep your eyes open for ANY changes in your child. Many times, parents are so focused on the changes they WANT to see, that they miss the great stuff happening along the way. Also, regardless of which homeopath you choose, communication is key – you need to keep in touch with them, schedule regular follow ups and let them know what you are seeing.

    Good Luck!!

  3. AngieB says:

    Thank you so much for your website. My son Lukie is 5 and a half and we have been living with the dream of autism recovery for about three years. We have had some success with biomedical and ABA therapy and like you, have gone deeply into debt. Recently, (I think it was an answer to my prayers), I stumbled upon a homeopath on the internet who had recovered her own son years previous. She is brilliant and already we have seen many gains and the emergence of our boy, our true boy, from his autism shell. I am often fearful of having hope and that my dream of recovery for Lukie is too much to hope for. Just when I start to convince myself that I should throw in the towel I stumble upon your website and my hope is re-invigorated. Thank you Kim for sharing your son’s progress–you have given me the kick in butt that I needed to get out of my “Debby Downer”ness. Love to you and your family.

  4. yglaser says:

    Hi, I am really hoping that you are still reading this as I can see it’s been a while since the previous comment. I have been giving some thoughts to homeopathy but I have felt unsure.

    I guess I should start by saying that I have a 4 year old daughter who was diagnosed with autism just short of her 3rd Birthday. What caught my attention from your blog is that we also went the biomedic way and have seen tremendous progress in her but also regression inside that process. At this moment she is so much better than she was when she started but she’s not well, she’s not normal. She says some words but doesn’t use them to communicate (she will accurately say a color pointing at something of that color for example, but she won’t say I’m hungry or I’m tired). She does get her needs met by pulling us to where she wants or what she wants. Anyways, just to make a long story short, I just feel that for a while now she has plateaud. I have heard of HBOT helping but goodness who can afford that and trust me I would go into debt if needed if I knew that would heal her but apparently that is a temprary fix.

    Then I googled homeopathy and autism and so many things popped up. Your blog interested me in particular as I mentioned because you seemed to have felt the same way about your original approach. My biggest concern is, how do I find a qualified homeopath? It seems it’s a discipline pretty much anybody can acquire. Is there a central database that you know of where I can search for reputable ones in my area? Is it too late at this point since my daughter is over 4? I always hear there is this sort of “window”. Any advice would be so appreciated.

    God has given you a tremendous blessing. I know what you mean that you can’t get back the time you lost but how wonderful that from here on you can have your child. The other day I was looking at toys for Christmas and saw all the castles and princesses and dress up stuff that my daughter has never been interested in and I just mourned. I never really thought I would care what my kids play with but it’s the lack of normalcy, the fact that I was looking for colored shapes instead of dolls for my 4 year old girl just broke me appart.

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