It’s been ages since I’ve written a post for this blog and I never thought I’d be able to say this, but life has returned to normal for all of us in this house. Nicholas continues to do well and exceed our expectations. He plays sports, he has friends. He is just so much fun to be around and his sense of humor and laugh is infectious! We went from having a child we couldn’t take into a restaurant to the one who is the best behaved one in the place! That in itself is shocking – but I’m not complaining!

It’s been a while since Nicholas has gotten/needed his original remedy that Pierre Fontaine prescribed. If I gave it to him once a month, I’m probably exaggerating. I don’t keep track anymore – it’s so nice I don’t need to. The only supplements he is currently taking include a basic multi-vitamin (a normal dose!), some fish oil (also a normal dose!) and some vitamin c. He is not on a restricted diet of any kind – he never was.

We are currently working with Pierre to reassess his case to see if he has moved to a new remedy. I am amazed at how his case taking process has evolved from our very first consult with him three years ago. Every time I see him, it is abundantly clear how much he cares for these children and is constantly working with other homeopaths to refine his skills to bring his cases to the next level. I am always in awe of his knowledge of homeopathy – clearly knowledge built throughout the career of a true homeopath and healer, not something merely learned during a six month course.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day and the spring-like day is calling my name… to those of you who have emailed to check in on us, thank you! My wish for you is to find the path to recovery for your child, whichever road that may be and wherever that journey may lead you!

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7 Responses to “Update on Nicholas – OUR THREE YEAR HOMEOPATHY ANNIVERSARY!”

  1. tammy says:

    It’s wonderful to hear this success story, we tried a homeopath and was unsuccessful. I’ve heard of Pierre Fontaine, but we live 6 hours away. I’m not really into skype. What protocol did you use?

  2. woth says:


    My name is Victor and I read a lot of good information from your blog in the last year and a half, since my smallest son was diagnosed with ASD.

    Recently, me and my wife decided to try the “Homeopathy” with a Cease practitioner from Europe.

    We found out that Mr. Pierre Fontaine is registered as a Cease Therapist on the Cease website: http://www.cease-therapy.com/make-appointment/all-certified-practitioners

    We want to ask you if Mr. Pierre Fontaine applied, in Nicholas case, Cease therapy or something related to it? And, did you gave Nicholas the homeapathic remedies (pills) directly in mouth or dissolved into water?

    I’m asking you this because our current Cease therapist insisted to dissolve the little pills (2 pcs) into 150 ml. of water and we read that this is not the “standard” way. We just want to know if this is right or not too right.

    Thank you in advance for your answer and thank you very much for this website. You really are helping a lot of sick children.

    Best regards,

  3. tlsltbl says:

    Thanks so much for the update (so exciting).
    You worked so hard for it, Good job!
    I’ve run into your blog before when looking at homeopathy.
    I have a question re: Armour. Would you be willing to share who the dr. was who Rx it? I’m still combing thru and haven’t come across it.
    Also, what facilitated weaning off of Armour?
    Thanks so much for the wealth of info you’ve provided.
    Wish your family continued health and happiness.

  4. OlgaH says:

    This is so wonderful to read! I always check your blog for any news about Nicholas and so happy for him. His story inspired me to contact Pierre. We too have had an incredible success with homeopathy and continue to see him on a regular basis. Pierre is an amazing healer with great dedication to our kids.

  5. Mom says:

    Hi Tammy – we have used classical homeopathy – there is no particular protocol that we have used. What I have done is used his constitutional remedy with acute remedies as needed from time to time.

    Hi Olga – nice to hear from you! Hope everything is well with you!! So glad to hear you have also had incredible success with Pierre!! He truly is the one of the most dedicated people I have come across during our journey.

  6. Anoop says:

    Thanks so much for your blog. It has been a guiding force of hope and action plan in our fight.

    I happen to have the similar path of treatment for our 2.5 years old son (he was diagnosed 8 months back).

    We had a good biomed (DAN) doctor with which we had incremental positive results. Then in May 2013 we started Homeopathy and saw few revolutionary changes (not showing preference of one over other as we did lot of other things as well).

    I am trying to understand if I should start with chelation now (DAN wants it but homeopathy doctor thinks it might interfere and might not result in positive outcomes). If I can talk or exchange email directly, it would be great (my email is anoop_sharma307 @ yahoo.com)

  7. Mom says:

    I emailed you last year, but not sure you received it…

    Pierre did become Cease certified, but more importantly, he is a classical homeopath – Cease is merely one tool a homeopath can use. It doesn’t take much to become Cease certified, so if looking for a homeopath, I would look for a good homeopath first, cease certification second.

    No, I did not do Cease with Nicholas. We stayed with the classical approach. I know cease has become popular, but when I dug for real case studies of recoveries, all I could find were testimonies on the cease website. That just wasn’t enough for me. It also quickly became the “flavor of the month” a while back where everyone was jumping to it – with the thought that if you clear the vaccines, you’ll recover the child. If it was really that easy, more children would be recovered.

    I give remedies in different ways – water dosing being one of them. I’m not sure where you read it wasn’t standard, but I find it to be pretty common with homeopaths and also find it to be very effective as well.

    Hope this helps,

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