June 2013 Update on Nicholas

I wrote this post in June 2013 – but never got back to publish it…. sharing it with you all now…

My son is graduating 2nd grade this year and moving onto a new school. As I sat in his finale assembly watching him sing with the graduating class the other day, my eyes flooded with tears. It seems like a lifetime ago that I dropped him off there for the first time for the special needs pre-k program – where he couldn’t talk, could barely do much of what was asked of him and needed to be strapped into a chair so he would sit in one place. He couldn’t even attend an assembly back then much less participate in one.

Fast forward to today, where he has broken free of autism – and it happened in front of our eyes. I still remain grateful, every – single – day, of where my son is today – of how much life has changed – of how he can sit and talk to me and tell me about his day.

I’m also grateful every day that at a time where I had had enough and was about to crack, that I was led to try homeopathy. I can’t thank our homeopath, Pierre Fontaine, enough – there aren’t enough ways to say thank you and there certainly aren’t enough languages to say thank you in. If there was ever a time in which someone walked into your life, that they were there to change it in some profound way for the better, this was certainly it. Pierre has told me that it was “all me” that day of my consult where he found the one remedy that transformed my child. That is merely him being modest – while I was answering him and talking from what may have seemed to have been a stream of consciousness – I certainly feel that it was 2% me and 98% him that was able to pull a remedy from everything that I had said.

I don’t know how much of the cloud my son was in was caused by biomed. I also know that biomed did do some good too – however, it ruled our lives around the clock. Chelation stirred up a lot of yeast in a child who already was very yeasty. And the cycle was never-ending.

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