ONE HEART, ONE MIND BY PIERRE FONTAINE: Guiding principles for autism

In continuing to share Pierre Fontaine’s book, One Heart, One Mind with you, here is the next part:

One Heart,
One Mind

Pierre Fontaine CCH

The Case for Healing Autism

Guiding principles for autism

My definition of recovery for the ASD children I see in my practice is
informed by the following three ideas.

The goal is a return to neuro-typical behavior as characterized by:
1: Spontaneous eye contact.
2: Spontaneous interaction with peers and adults
3: Spontaneous conversational speech.

Although this is not always possible, it is the goal that I set for myself. This
ideal is what spurs my constant search to refine my consultation and arrive
as often as possible to an accurate remedy. Failures to reach this goal were
and still are unfortunately inevitable. However, they have prodded me along
a path, which led me to the breakthroughs that were needed to finally
develop an understanding and an approach I could systematically apply to
the reversal of ASD using homeopathy. That is the subject of this book.

The Vital Force is “the intimate spark of the individual…the essence [that]
makes him an individual yet binds him to the universe.
– Herbert A. Roberts

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