ONE HEART, ONE MIND BY PIERRE FONTAINE: Chapter 1 – Bio-dynamic Approach to Healing

In continuation of my series of Pierre Fontaine’s book, One Heart, One Mind, here is Chapter 1:

One Heart,
One Mind

Pierre Fontaine CCH

The Case for Healing Autism

Chapter 1

Bio-dynamic Approach to Healing

Homeopathy is a medicine of resonance. In essence, and perhaps to your
surprise, we are all familiar with the concept. Broadly stated, everything
“good” we do or feels good in life utilizes this concept. In politics, we vote
for an individual whose speech has the most resonance with the way we
think. The groups we join or the people we call our friends are folks we like,
most often because they are “like us” or because we share common qualities.
In other words, we choose people who resonate with us. The clothes we
wear, the food we eat, the cars we drive, the movies we watch, etc., have
resonance with us and, consequently, all say something about us. This
quality of resonance is totally ethereal yet it thoroughly permeates our lives.
We would never think of joining a group that is antagonist to our beliefs, nor
would we ever vote for the person whose message is opposed to what we
believe in. So why is it that when it comes to medicine we take a totally
different approach and take a medication, which is antagonist to our physical
symptoms? I think the answer is actually far simpler than we think because it
is the only option we know.

Though the word homeopathy is a little more common today than it was ten
years ago, I still have to repeat myself when I am asked what I do. As a cop
who pulled me over for speeding asked me once, “You are a homo- what?”
“Sorry officer, I am a homeopath.” Homeopathy is treating what ails us with
a substance “proven”(I explain this term in chapter six) to be in total
resonance with the symptoms of the ailment. Resonance means that the
symptoms are taken as the language of the body and as such need to be
deeply understood within the individual’s context of his life. Because of the
resonance – similitude – the action of the homeopathic remedy literally
cancels out the symptoms much like a noise cancelling machine. This is in
opposition to contemporary medicine, also called allopathic medicine,
which gives a substance that has an opposite resonance to what the body is
doing. This is why a prescription medication is called a drug and the word
“anti” is always a preposition as in anti-biotic, anti-depressant, anti-fungal,
etc. A homeopathic remedy cancels the illness; a medication “drugs” the
system to prevent the body from causing the symptoms.

Health and disorder is a biodynamic tandem and one cannot be without the
other. ‘Bio’ speaks to the organism itself, it’s physiology and physical
matter. ‘Dynamic’ points to the organism’s constant change, activity or
progress; it’s living component, the very immaterial (as of today) energetic
entity the material body is built around.

A biodynamic approach to health and disease presumes an interaction of
complex systems, whose individual parts interact and influence the system
as a whole and whose immaterial dynamis animates and provides power and
energy. This dynamic potential represents the organism’s capacity to live,
grow, and be as we are clearly all animated. The dynamis, or organizing
principle is known as the Vital Force (VF). It is part of what sets in motion
the growth of the organism and determines the physical constitution, a
combination of inherited traits and individual essence. The Vital Force (VF)
is seen as the organizing principle of both health and disorder of the
organism. It is the force animating creation a fraction of a second prior to
sub cellular activity and then cellular activity. As such, The Vital Force (VF)
is an integral part of the spark of life itself, which in its very beginning is
simply an ethereal code. As the body grows in the womb it does so
according to this original code. We know about the DNA or genetic code but
this is not what I am speaking about. I am saying that a Vital encryption is
created within the Vital Forces of the egg and sperm coming together. In the
beginning, it expresses few individualizing characteristics but as it develops
concomitantly with physical growth it rapidly begins. This is what I call the
‘ inflation period’ to reveal traits and individual expressions within the
womb, as we will see in the chapter four ‘Surrogacy’.

In disease, one major advantage of recognizing and understanding this code,
is that since it is a partner architect of disease (and health), being able to
access it affords us deep and meaningful levels of healing. As we will see, in
the case of ASD, it is extremely important, if not crucial, to reach as deeply
as possible. It presents not only as an extremely complex disease, but due to
a variable lack of awareness, it imparts the most profound symptomatology.
ASD is a multi-system illness often deeply affecting the gastro intestinal
tract as well as the brain, not only in terms of receptive and expressive
cognition, but also with various forms of seizures, gross motor and fine
motor functions.

The first obvious advantage of using expressions of the vital force going
back as far as possible into the pregnancy to reach the constitutional code, is
that depth gives perspective and nuances to all parts. Depth here is looking
at the totality of symptoms in a multi-dimensional way rather than looking at
individual parts.

Many years ago, depth provided me with the understanding that a stim is a
possible expression of physical pain. Depth does not take a stim as nonsense
but rather as a meaningful gesture. Too often ASD is treated through
individual parts to try to singularly affect the GI tract to deal with diarrhea or
the facial muscles with the idea of loosening apraxia or approach the
restlessness or the OCD convinced that “if only this could be dealt with, he
will be fine.” That rarely works. It is best to look at the entire disorder at
once to prevent any compromise to the integrity of the whole.

It is important to understand that the whole is not the addition of its physical
parts and physical symptoms but by its very complex nature is a force
multiplier that forms a multi-dimensional totality of the condition itself
across the physical, emotional and mental planes. It is a multi-dimensional
view of the whole, so complete that one can distinguish patterns of
experience, indeed possibly the very experience of itself.

Though Part Two of this book is a complete presentation of this process, let
us take an example to illustrate this concept now.
A phone call from a mom goes like this.
“I have two boys. One is 10 and the other 21. The 10-year-old (I’ll call Carl)
is being diagnosed with Lyme disease. We are still waiting for test results
from IGeneX. The 21-year-old (I’ll call James) was recently diagnosed with
PANDAS. Our medical bills are so high we had to sell our house. This is
where we are right now but our road has been a very long one. The 21-yearold
has been on SSRI’s (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors)
medication since he was 8 years old because of depression. Can you do
something about all of this?”

This is how people present. I call this the face value. Though this book is
about ASD there is a high suspicion in the community that Lyme disease has
“something to do with it,” a thought I don’t particularly share but that is not
important here. What is becoming increasingly apparent, however, is that
PANDAS diagnosis is greatly increasing in the ASD population and will
increase in the Neuro-typical (NT) population over the next few years and
may well become the next ‘epidemic’. So, in essence, the exceptional
particularity of Carl and James makes a perfect example for going further
back in the history to begin to find a deeper solution.

Now Carl is being diagnosed with Lyme. James, who is diagnosed with
PANDAS and deep depression characterized in part by extraordinary
sluggishness, thinks he might have had Lyme instead of depression. Good
thinking. His sluggishness and desire to stay in bed are also being blamed on
the SSRI medication he is taking! At this point, nobody really knows what is
going on. Dead end? Not so fast. It gets interesting. Since James is
diagnosed with PANDAS, I ask if he ever had tics. Indeed, he did. He was
diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome when he was five years old. Now
PANDAS is making more sense, especially since “he had a lot of
Streptococcus throat infections.” He tested positive to strep but never had
symptoms such as fever, coughing etc.

The goal is not at all a diagnosis since I am not a doctor. I am interested in
the most basic, reliable information that can give me a solid starting point
for the consultation that will take us deeper.

As I am listening to his mom, my thinking is shifting to the practicality of
case taking and the question in my mind is will I be able to get this 21-yearold
to talk to me deeply about being a five-year-old at the time he began to
have Tourette’s symptoms. Very unlikely! So, I ask the mom about her
pregnancy with James and in the way she answers me I can tell that it is still
quite vivid in her mind. There is a peculiarity in the following description. “I
was bedridden the whole time. I have two uteruses. I was cramping the
whole time. I could not get up from bed or I would start cramping right
away.” Of course, the cramping is blamed on her uterus didelphys condition
and though her abnormality does lead to greater pregnancy complications
such as cramping, it is not an absolute symptom of a uterus didelphys
pregnancy. Once again, it sounds logical to take the cramping at face value
as the cause of cramping, but it creates a problem. I remember in class being
shown the hollow brain of a woman; literally fifteen percent of a normal
brain and yet this lady is perfectly well. That fact really rang a bell in my
mind. We easily accept cause and effect as fact but that can really blind us to
the particular individual consequences. In this example, the woman was
perfectly normal even though she was not supposed to be. Sometimes, when
it comes to the brain, the answer is not quite so black and white. I bypassed
what one may think of as the obvious cause, not indiscriminately because it
is still in the back of my mind as a cause but I don’t want to be prejudiced by
it. I would rather take the facts as particular to her pregnancy. My next
question was, “When he was born or shortly thereafter, did James have any
kind of cramping, such as colic or musculo-skeletal cramping?” I want to
see, as I suspect is most likely the case, if the severe cramping in this case
during pregnancy relates to the baby himself rather that the uterus dydelphis.
The answer is “yes.” Now, I don’t want to draw any conclusions, as we have
been on the phone for just a few minutes, but I think we are on the right
track of looking at the multi-dimensional totality thereby getting far more
solid information. This will guide me to a remedy that will include the
symptomatology of PANDAS, Lyme, depression and the tics he has had
since early in life all synthesized into an original, vitalistic root.

Consultation day.
For this 21-year-old, I started the consultation with his mom, asking
questions about the pregnancy, as we will see later. In the end, mom and son
started from two different directions, each one with a separate interview and
both arrived at the same experience of the illness and thereby to the same
remedy. James related his living experience of his condition and the mom
her experience while she was pregnant. What happened in this case is that
we reached the code or what I call a universal individual point. It is a
dynamic point. In theory, anyone open enough can reach it and relate it to
others, thereby providing information for the accurate recommendation of a
homeopathic remedy. With homeopathically relevant questions, it is then
possible to determine a remedy to match the dynamis of that point which
will lead to healing.

As the body is subject to gravity, so it is to resonance and healing.

This dynamic healing potential, fundamental in homeopathy, is based on
energetic principles seen in nature such as in the laws of gravity, electricity,
magnetism, sound and light. The Universe is controlled by these energies
and it leaves little doubt that human biology is also governed by natural laws
of energy. After all, we know that matter is energy. Quantum physics and
field theory are reflected biologically in the electro-dynamic fields of the
human body. Everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency and
within this context the human body has its own complex frequency of
vibration conforming to standard concepts in physics pertaining to
electromagnetic fields. Conceptually, it is, of course, a grand departure from
the antagonistic drug model we are accustomed to. However, it is not
because it departs from the system we are familiar with, that it is not correct.
Of course, I am well aware that proving homeopathy is much like research
on consciousness. Both are experiential and what is experiential can be
paradoxical. When a mom says after a consultation, “I know exactly how my
son feels,” she is not talking about something static like a blood test or an
Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI). Rather, she is expressing a state of being
as experienced through her son and connecting it to her neuro-typically
functioning brain so that she can elucidate through my questions and her
answers what she has experienced. I take this information and match it to a
remedy with similar resonance. This is what I now call surrogacy.

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