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One Heart,
One Mind

Pierre Fontaine CCH

The Case for Healing Autism

Chapter 2
The Vital Force

We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation from our own
bodies, from the earth, the sun, even deep space, and from the everincreasing
amount of higher frequency radio waves that are part of the
wireless revolution. Most of us are not sensibly aware (with the exception of
light) of these waveforms around and within us. But other animals have a
more direct ability to sense electromagnetic fields or waves. Migratory
animals use the magnetic field of the earth for navigation and there are
reports that cats prefer certain kinds of magnetized water. Perhaps we are not
as blind to electromagnetic radiation as we think. Certainly a more sensate
story of the interaction between animal life and electromagnetic phenomena
is in order. Scientists who venture into this area should be encouraged. We
can all take time in our daily lives to consider this question, which is always
present in the space around and between us.

Matter and energy interchange in the electro-dynamic field is measurable in
terms of waveforms composed of frequency, wavelength and amplitude.

The Vital Force (VF), via the electro-dynamic field, is in a constant state of
adaptation, making moment-to-moment adjustments to these waveforms,
simultaneously responding to and affecting the surrounding environment.
The theory of resonance describes how the Vital Force responds and adjusts
to every stimulus it is exposed to, both harmful and curative.

Resonance: A reinforcement of sound in a vibrating body caused by waves
from another vibrating body at nearly the same rate.

Resonance, simply stated, is similar vibration, the affinity of one note to
another like it. It can be illustrated by the example of two tuning forks in the
same key: strike one tuning fork and it begins to vibrate releasing sound
waves. Place another tuning fork in close proximity and it will vibrate at a
similar rate to the first causing it to release sound without having to be
struck. If we use a tuning fork in an octave above or below the original
tuning fork, the second tuning fork will vibrate with sound but of lesser
amplitude. This demonstrates the principle of harmonics and resonance.
Resonance, in my view, also explains why two very different organisms
can’t reproduce. It is more than a purely physical matter; the resonance is
what makes the physical come to reality.

As stated earlier, all matter vibrates. Each organism has its own level of
vibration or resonant frequency. Within an organism there are different
levels of vibrations, all working seamlessly within an integrated whole. The
human organism is a very complex system of electro-dynamic vibrations.
Not only will each part have it’s own vibration but the whole organism
vibrates in a dynamic way, constantly adapting and responding to different
stimuli. These changes occur in both frequency and amplitude. All the
changes within a body occur within the resonance of its parts and
counterparts. When some of the parts are no longer interacting in synergy
then disease begins. That does not mean we feel sick but it begins to plow a
groove that eventually evolves into an outward expression of disease. This
explains the prodromal phase of sickness, acute or chronic. In acute disease
such as chicken pox, the prodromal period is 2 to 5 days. Even a common
cold has a prodromal period. Athletes who keep track of their resting heart
rate notice a couple of beats up a day or two before full blown symptoms
appear. During this prodromal phase, the body is actually adapting and
mounting a response to the pathogen. The individual Vital Force and
organism are adapting; it is a fully logical Vital and therefore biological
response of resistance to the particular infection. Broadly speaking, the
chicken pox creates symptoms that are the same for everyone yet within that
response there are subtle differences that make the response individual as
well. Compared to a chronic disease, chicken pox is simple but, make no
mistake about it, there is a prodromal rather than incubating period in
chronic disease too, where the body is adapting to the “mistunement” of the
Vital Force. This is true in the case of autism, as well of course. Though
nothing is as complicated as autism, weaving all the way back into the
pregnancy gives us a kind of prodromal period. When the constitution
develops within the inflation period spoken about earlier depth and
singularity can be reached with careful questioning. The constitution takes
its own course, either autism or any other disease or none at all develop from
within or from without, influenced by external forces. If an external force
clearly affected the child, almost independently of the constitution, there are
times when the remedy ought be chosen according to the present picture.
Whether we go back to the pregnancy or take the presenting symptoms with
a full understanding, the carefully chosen remedy sends up a “note” with a
similar EM (Electro-Magnetic) resonance and the person’s illness,
constituted from a similar note, responds at its own speed according to the
severity of the condition. No response can be forced; it must be a total

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