ONE HEART, ONE MIND BY PIERRE FONTAINE – Case 1 – Nicholas’s First Follow Up

Hello everyone,

I recently posted about my initial consultation with Pierre Fontaine as it is Case 1 in his new book, One Heart, One Mind: The Case for Healing Autism. For those who missed it, you can access that post here.

Here are the details on my first follow up with Pierre.

One Heart,
One Mind

Pierre Fontaine, CCH

The Case for Healing Autism

GRANITUM (lap-gr-m) 30 C
22 April 2010

He has been off most of his supplements for three weeks. Before we started
with homeopathy the longest he could go without them was four days.

I also gave Euphrasia you recommended for his seasonal allergies, it worked
perfectly for his eyes. Allium cepa did not help. Euphrasia seemed to help
him cognitively as well. Granitum didn’t have any influence on the allergies.

He has been more defiant lately. That is relatively new but seems like a
positive as he was so passive before.

How would you rate him on a scale from 0 to 10 now?

EC: 4 but without supplements. This is the longest he has been without

SI: 5 it has been very good. He tells us what he wants, if he wants to show us
something, he is more interactive.

SS: 6 the cloudiness is still there but not affecting him nearly as much as
before. He does understand well or better now.

Actually now that I think about it he has not played with water nearly as

As far as taking things personally, nothing has triggered that feeling.

One big aspect you spoke about during the first consult was of “empty
soul” or “as if not alive.” What can you say about that now?

I don’t see that at all. I have not seen that in quite some time. The empty
looks or his no ability to care, disconnection between the eyes and the brain,
I don’t see a disconnection there anymore.

How often do you dose the remedy?

I dose about once a week. The remedy helps him to poop too and he is better
after it, too.

Comment: This was fast. I gave two remedies for the allergies. Ideally I
prefer when the constitutional remedy (Granitum) helps everything but
in this case it did not. When it does help, it makes everything so much
easier but it was easy enough to find a remedy for the allergies.

GRANITUM (Lap – gr – m) 30 C
Keep giving Euphrasia 30 C for the allergies.

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