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If you are GFCFSF, have you heard about NuLife Foods?

I was recently asked if I would try a sample of some of NuLife Foods. As a person who loves to eat, I was impressed with the food considering it was free of gluten, casein and soy. Here’s my and Nicholas’s take on the foods we tried: The chicken nuggets were just about the best […]

GFCF Diet on a budget…. possible even on food stamps!

Check out this TACA link for doing GFCF on a budget – and yes, even for those using food stamps:

GFCF Kids Newsgroup on Yahoo

Having kids on a GFCF diet can be tough – this is a great support group with lots of parents going through exactly the same thing. GFCFKids on Yahoo Also, check out the recipe group as well: GFCF Recipies

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